3 Steps to Getting Rid of Bloating, Brain Fog & Fatigue Even if You Feel Like You've Tried ALL the Things

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It's no secret that feeling bloated, having a fuzzy memory and always being tired can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are an ambitious and driven woman trying to serve your family, career, students or clients. 

Join Dr. Alex Swenson-Ridley for an exploration of what is possible when you take away the barriers that prevent you from feeling well, having energy, being happy and ultimately having the health and life you’ve dreamed of.

You will learn:

  • The surprising connection between the gut, the brain and STRESS.
  • Why you can be 'doing all the right things' and still be experiencing symptoms.
  • How to take control of your gut health and hormones so you can at least 5x your energy, have crystal clear thoughts and brain function, and feel amazing after meals.

Dr. Alex has helped hundreds of high performing women leaders create more energy and mental clarity, better overall health and balance their gut and hormones through her 3-step Health Rejuvenation Process.

 Join her in her new workshop, 3 Steps to Getting Rid of Bloating, Brain Fog & Fatigue Even if You’ve ‘Tried All The Things’, where you’ll learn how to take control of your health and life once and for all.

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Dr. Alex Swenson-Ridley DC, CACCP, WHC, AMP

Dr. Alex is a women's alternative medicine practitioner and health coach who helps high performing women leaders boost their energy and vitality, balance hormones, get off medications and live life to the fullest through lifestyle medicine. 


She is a doctor, business owner, wife, mom, podcast host, author and speaker who brings her combined professional and personal experiences to her workshops to help shift perspective and provide the answers to health questions so many women have been searching for and haven't been able to find.


"I found this webinar truly invaluable." Julie C.

"I've learned so much from Dr. Alex. The information in this webinar is truly life changing." Marty M.